Video Games Can Get You Jobs in Real Life

I drive trucks as a day job. I don’t drive on the freeway or anything. I just move them around the local center and park them places.  It’s been an exceptionally good week–smooth parking all week long–and I remembered today that I owe it all to American Truck Simulator. When the old yard shifter transferred, they […]

What the Fuck Am I Doing?

I say I’m a writer, well, what the fuck do I write? Firstly, I just bought this WordPress. I was on Blogger before, and I’m “working” on transferring my entire portfolio to this new platform. It’s just so fucking tedious, and I keep finding more shit I have to do.  Building the website on Blogger […]

I Quit My Job to Be A Writer

Well, I quit my second job… and I didn’t really quit to be a writer. But I did quit, and I quit because working two jobs (three counting my hobby business) makes it hard to create content, and if you aspire to ever be a successful writer, content is king. The way I see it is […]