Site Update

The update (four months of net silence later) is: The site is fucking done! Yup, if you’d like to know more About Me, well that’s fucking done. If you’d like to read some Portfolio samples, well they’re fucking done (what few I have deemed worthy). If you want to Contact or Hire the most creative […]

Video Games Can Get You Jobs in Real Life

I drive trucks as a day job. I don’t drive on the freeway or anything. I just move them around the local center and park them places.  It’s been an exceptionally good week–smooth parking all week long–and I remembered today that I owe it all to American Truck Simulator. When the old yard shifter transferred, they […]

What the Fuck Am I Doing?

I say I’m a writer, well, what the fuck do I write? Firstly, I just bought this WordPress. I was on Blogger before, and I’m “working” on transferring my entire portfolio to this new platform. It’s just so fucking tedious, and I keep finding more shit I have to do.  Building the website on Blogger […]

You Should Help Kickstart Bargain Quest.

The world needs more board games, and one of my bromigos has made one that is making strong headway on Kickstarter! Bargain Quest is an interesting reversal on traditional hero-based games, where you take on the role of shopkeep to the hero. In Bargain Quest, you want to have the best items for the worst […]

Twitch Subscriptions Beta: Another Dumbass Idea

The new Twitch subscription model is the dumbest cash-grab bullshit idea since bits. You’ve subscribed, you’re a member of Twitch Turbo, and you’re even paying real money for stupid animated emotes in the hopes your favorite streamer might thank you in the most dry, ungrateful tone imaginable. But it’s not enough. People are crazy (dumb?) enough to […]

I Quit My Job to Be A Writer

Well, I quit my second job… and I didn’t really quit to be a writer. But I did quit, and I quit because working two jobs (three counting my hobby business) makes it hard to create content, and if you aspire to ever be a successful writer, content is king. The way I see it is […]