What the Fuck Am I Doing?

I say I’m a writer, well, what the fuck do I write?

Firstly, I just bought this WordPress. I was on Blogger before, and I’m “working” on transferring my entire portfolio to this new platform. It’s just so fucking tedious, and I keep finding more shit I have to do.  Building the website on Blogger sucked enough, building it twice might as well be jumping full naked into a cactus patch. If you’re really that super curious (or nosey) to read my garbage portfolio, here’s the raw Blogger site.

Secondly, I am constantly building content by way of Twitch and YouTube.  Let’s be honest, people don’t read anymore. Are you even really reading this post? Fucking, no. Podcasts and audible/visual content are way more interesting to our ADD riddled psyche. And since we have to work fourteen hour days to survive now, it’s easier to consume this content in the background while we slave away.

Thirdly, the dream for me is games. I totally respect versatility, and I enjoy writing flash fiction, short stories, etc. but back to the secondly point, people don’t read as much anymore. The jobs are in film, television, and games–visual media. So I may throw some practice stories on the site occasionally, but in terms of big projects and my career, I think I’m going to do something in interactive fiction first. I started an interactive story called Anna while I was in college, and I would like to finish that. It’s about the sole captain of a spaceship meant to save mankind. When the ship starts to sink, the naive captain must decide between his love and humanity’s future. Hopefully I’ll have it finished by the end of the summer.

Fourthly, go fuck yourself. It’s none of you’re damned business what the fuck am I doing.

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