You Should Help Kickstart Bargain Quest.

The world needs more board games, and one of my bromigos has made one that is making strong headway on Kickstarter!

Bargain Quest is an interesting reversal on traditional hero-based games, where you take on the role of shopkeep to the hero. In Bargain Quest, you want to have the best items for the worst calamities to attract the most heroes, become the most famous item shop and make the largest profit off of fantastical disasters in your home town.

I’ll let the games designer Mr. Jonathan Ying explain the rest.

This is already going to be a game, and a great one at that. But you can help make it an even better game by backing it at

Of course, I’m a fucking asshole and the kickstarter ends tomorrow, but I’m sure there will be alternate after-kickstarter methods to pre-order and help the team reach those added stretch goals (I want more monsters!).

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