I Quit My Job to Be A Writer

Well, I quit my second job… and I didn’t really quit to be a writer.

But I did quit, and I quit because working two jobs (three counting my hobby business) makes it hard to create content, and if you aspire to ever be a successful writer, content is king.

The way I see it is this: I have one really kickass career that pays my bills and consumes a good portion of my day. Unfortunately, it’s also kickass in the fact that moving several thousand packages a day really kicks my ass. I’m content where I am at. My company offers a fine quality of life for those who make it career, and how fucking lucky am I to even have a “career” and not just a job?

The other job was just a job, and if I ever someday leave my career, I’d like to leave it for another one, preferably in gaming/entertainment. And that’s why I quit. Because I didn’t have time to make content. Content in the bank–stories, videos, podcasts, etc.–is content I can leverage if I ever make that leap.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll accidentally write the next big book series (with movie, television, and game options). That’s not impossible, unless I never write.

So I quit my (second) job to become a writer. Expect more content here. Now daily, or damn near.

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